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I might be a little odd? 

When I was a kid, I would bring my walkman to the movie theater and secretly record the entire movie.

I would listen to it on the school bus everyday and recreate all the scenes in my head.

When we got a VHS recorder at home, I would play my favorite movie, pause at my favorite scenes and take photos of the TV. Then it's a lot of cut and paste onto a scrapbook.

With that, I built my library of photographic memories.


Life is a bundle of stories. We create them, live them and remember them. 

Stories of our past don't change, our feelings do, sometimes.

At the end, we embrace them all. Laughters, tears, madness, pain. 

Photographing people is my way to experience other people's stories, like movies. 

It excites my heart as in a roller coaster ride.

This is why I am here, for you and me.










This is why I am here, for you.